Phonx Monkey
Phonx is a man with deep thoughts about the world around him, and a passion for offending people. A little known fact is that Phonx Monkey was stuck with a misspelled name at a young age.

Capn’ Haxor (Nick Miller)
Don’t let his emo glasses fool you, this man can pump out some phat beats. The good Capn’ is known to go ballistic when beverages are tipped over.

Forshizzle (Jeff Forshee)
Once thought to be robot, since exposed to be cyborg, Forshizzle roams the world looking for strange and unique instruments to play.

Cat (Catherine Enrico)
Known through out the land for her voice she lends it occasionally for some of the more relaxing tracks.

Jesse Donat (Jesse Donat)
Quite possibly one of the most boring men on earth, Jesse sits at home and works on websites. He has been known to ruin a track now and again, especially when thoreau bot was not distinct enough.


Also featuring:
Paul Johnson (Horn Thing), Chris Franson (Water Jug)